Local Area Plan

SAMBRA has formed a subcommittee to encourage participation by a balance cross-section of local area residents in the Comox Valley Regional District's consultation into issues related to the Local Area Plan.

Local Area Plan Committee


A Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) for the area was adopted in March 2011 by the board of the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD).
The next step will be the development of an Official Community Plan (OCP). Out of this will flow Local Area Plans (LAP). The Saratoga and Miracle Beach area has an existing LAP developed some years ago that will have to be updated and revised in the next few years.
Because the Saratoga and Miracle Beach area is designated a "settlement node" in the Regional Growth Strategy this revision of the LAP is very important.
During the past six months, the SAMBRA LAP Participation Committee has carried out the following activities:

  • developed terms of reference,
  • met with SAMBRA Executive members,
  • met with Regional District staff who have responsibility for long range planning, sewage and water, and
  • began developing a relationship with the Regional District to facilitate and strengthen communication.

Links and Information

The following are a number links to various sources of information relating to the LAP process for the Saratoga and Miracle Beach area: